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I am a diehard 8-bit Commodore Computer enthusiast. I got a VIC-20 for Christmas in 1982 and was instantly hooked (though it didn't seem to stay in the box until Christmas day!). I used it for a long time until getting a C128 in 1987. I also used that for a long time [above] until getting a PC Linux box in 1996.

The following resources are on my site:

Here are important Commodore resources available elsewhere:

You should note that if you have general questions about Commodores or Application Programs that don't specifically concern me, your best bet is to post a message to the newsgroup comp.sys.cbm. This is basically what I tell most people to do anyway, since I was never much into commercial Commodore software. The more relevant your queries are specifically to me, the more likely you are to get a prompt reply. Also, most of the complaints are from people who don't manage to download files with a completely clean end-to-end binary downloading path. Make sure about this.

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