Little Red Reader-128 version 2.70

Little Red Reader (LRR) is a program for the C128 that will read and write files to and from MS-DOS floppy disks using a 1571, 1581, CMD FD-2000, or CMD FD-4000 disk drive. With the FD drives, you can use High Density (HD) MS-DOS disks. The program copies files from drive to drive (no internal buffering), so you need a second disk drive (either real or virtual) to copy files to. You can use RAMDOS for the second drive if you have an REU and you execute a GRAPHIC CLR after starting it up. The menu-driven full-screen user interface is written in BASIC so it is mildly sluggish, but the actual file copying is written in machine language and operates as fast as the disk drives will go.

Tiny Yellow Brother

Tiny Yellow Brother (TYB) is a program for the C64 to read and write MS-DOS disks on 1581/FD drives. It was derived from LRR by Doreen Horne of Australia. You must download "Tyb-c64", "Screen", and "Binc000".

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