ACE-128/64 Release #16

ACE is an alternative uni-tasking operating system for the C128 and C64 that provides a Unix-like command shell. It is still in the development stage, but enough of it is complete to be useful. "ACE" means "Advanced Computing Environment" (well, advanced for the 128/64). ACE will make use of a number of hardware extensions, including REUs up to 16 Megs, RAMLinks up to 16 Megs, and CMD disk drives. Plus, ACE provides custom device drivers for the screen and keyboard and a high-speed ramdisk.

ACE also includes a number of application/utility programs, including the following: a minimal ZED text editor, VT-100 terminal emulator for the SwiftLink-232 cartridge, a custom file upload/download protocol, sophisticated one-pass assembler, uuencode/uudecode, bcode/unbcode (better-than uucode), VBM bitmap viewer, file copier, crc32 error checkers, grep, tr, word count, sort, line wrapper, "more" program, and a few other file utilities. Browse the documentation for more information.


Executable Code

Here is the code in SFX files. It is split in five parts so each will fit. To decode, load and run, and dissolve to the same disk.

Source Code

The source code is in KAR format. It is a very simple format that can be dissolved by previous versions of ACE or by one of my Unix utilities.

Newer Components

Here are components that have been released since the last release of the system. "Grep" was upgraded by Adam Vardy.

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