SwiftLib version 0.91

SwiftLib is a Public Domain library for software developers for making use of the SwiftLink-232 or Turbo-232 serial cartridge from CMD in your own programs. It is for use with the C64, C128, and SuperCPU, for maximum baud rates of up to 57.6k, 115.2k, and 230.4kbps, respectively, with the Turbo-232. The original SwiftLink, of course, only goes up to 38.4kbps and will work on all platforms. However, the library will also work with the "hacked" single-speed-crystal SwiftLink to give up to 115.2kbps on the C128 and SuperCPU. The library will auto-detect all of your hardware except for the "hacked" SwiftLink, which it must be told about.

The library is included here with edterm "Extremely Dumb Terminal". Edterm is very simple and horribly slow, since it is all BASIC. It is for demonstration purposes only. It defaults to 57,600 baud, but you can change that by editing the first line of the program and changing the baud rate to a code value given in the assembler code comment about baud-rate codes. It's kind of cute to watch the program print out about 30 cps while receiving data at 115.2kbps without dropping anything because of the hardware flow control.

I still need to put together proper documentation.

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