Miscellaneous Info about The Transactor Magazine

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From: dfevans@bbcr.uwaterloo.ca (David Evans)
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 23:00:17 GMT
Organization: University of Waterloo

The Transactor began in 1977 or so as Commodore Canada's in-house technical newsletter. Karl Hildon edited it from then until 1987-88 or so--can't recall when he left.

As you say, The T. was *the* technical mag for CBM computers. Jim Butterfield, Liz Deal, Paul Higgenbottom, Steve Punter, as well as the eventual editorial crew (Karl Hildon, Chris Zamara, Nick Sullivan, and Richard Evers) published often, as well as others (famous, like P. A. Slaykamaker, or not-so-famous.)

The "Bits and Pieces" column was The T's incarnation of a "Hints" column; it would contain such things as modifications to the RESTORE key to make it easier to press, bizzaire VIC/6545 screen dazzlers, nifty input routines, odd meathematical oddities, and so on.

I could go on about it, but I think you get the point. The T. was truly a work of art.

From: brain@mail.msen.com (Jim Brain)
Date: 12 Dec 1995 16:30:58 -0500
Organization: Brain Innovations, Incorporated

Transactor was started in April 30, 1978. The first issue (bulletin), was produced by CBM at Agincourt, Ontario. It was 14 pages and no editor is listed. The quality is low, mainly looks like a simple user group newsletter.

Transactor was sold at some time to Karl Hildon and friend. Transactor will be reprinted by Commodore CEE soon. Karl has OKd the reprints.

Business Cards

One version of the business cards that were used by The Transactor staff was HUGE apparently because of a miscommunication with the card printer. They were 3.7 inches by 5.9 inches and looked like the following (thanks to Richard Evers for sharing):


The glorified skyscraper in the outskirts of Toronto is actually a one-story building.

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