KC CHESS: Kevin & Craig's Chess Program

Here is the program that my friend Kevin Phillips and I wrote for our undergraduate final project at the University of New Brunswick in 1990. About the order of the names: the program is named "K.C." because that sounds better; the program displays my name first because I did more work on that, and the report displays Kevin's name first because he did more work on that and on the presentation.

The program was written in Turbo Pascal for MS-DOS Computers with 640K of RAM and VGA graphics.

BTW, the lowercase "k" specifying the file sizes means "metric" kilobytes. :-)

Project Report

Here is the final report about the project. The surprising thing is that parts of it are actually interesting.

Other Documentation

Here is the other external documentation for the program:

Source Code

Here is the TurboPascal source code for our program. It is broken down into a number of modules; "chess.pas" is the main module.

MS-DOS Distribution

Here is the PKZip file for the full distribution of our chess program, including the source code. The PKZip file is here in binary format.

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