The Evolution of Religion


I recently read the book The Heathen's Guide To World Religions by William Hopper, and it is frikkin' awesome. (See also WordPress.) Is examines the history of civilization w.r.t. religion and the evolution of various popular religions. Why yes, religions, like all human values, culture & mythos, do change over time. A good subtitle for the book would be “What *Actually* Happened”. The Bible is one source for historical information, but there are many others and most of them are much less dubious. The Heathen's Guide is very highly recommened for all heathens who want to understand the history and delusions of the major religions. It is written in a irreverant and very accessible style.

Apparently, various other historians have been discussing this subject recently as well and tell a similar story. The Da Vinci Code is a fictional murder-mystery that examines the same religious history, though with a bunch of extraneous crap thrown in. There is also brewing controversy and disillusionment in popular culture about the divinity of the Bible. This is good. And there is a movie version of The Da Vinci Code being developed that threatens to turn biblical skepticism into a popular cultural phenomenon. (It's not like that many people read books.) Maybe if the Catholic priests could have kept their penises in their pants, the sheep wouldn't be questioning the unquestionable.

You should read the entire Heathen's Guide, but many of the important points are covered below.





The 1611 King James version, perhaps the most famous book ever written by a committee, may reach poetic heights, but Alter says it is fraught with "embarrassing inaccuracies" and often substitutes Greek or Latin words and Renaissance English tonalities and rhythms for biblical ones.
-- CNN (2004-11-18)

[Trouble brewing... If you were an indoctrinated fool, how you feel to discover that the King James bible is not the "Word of God" but rather the word of a committee. Also, definitely do not do a web search on the "Council of Nicea"... another committee, which formed the whole of the religious canon of Christianity from a tight selection of letters written by fanatical cult members over three hundred years before. Christ's divinity was decided by a majority vote of the men present. Much of the body of the bible was written by a schizophrenic who was born a hundred years after Christ's death.]

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