ISO Voting

ISO has the same idiotic notion as the UN that all countries are equal, so there are probably a hundred more bullshit dictatorships that Microsoft can pay off to join the vote. I just hope that the bullshit dictatorships Microsoft paid off before make such outrageous demands for a new payoff that Microsoft refuses to pay.

For ISO, I would say that a formula that combines GDP with per-capita GDP would give a good measure of who the real industrial innovators and players are. China has a high GDP but a low per-capita GDP. It has massive internal corruption, but it is still a global player. Per-capita GDP provides a good measure of corruption, since corruptions syphons it off.

Let's say the ISO votes should be weighted by the country's PPP GDP divided by US$1-trillion plus the per-capita PPP GDP divided by US$20,000. The US would have a voting weight of 16.16; China, 7.31; Germany, 4.55; Canada, 3.18; Russia, 2.81; New Zealand, 1.48; Iran, 1.47; Brunei, 1.29; Cote d'Ivoire, 0.123 [CIA World Fact Book]. It would take quite a number of bullshit dictatorships to match the weight of a smaller first-world country — as it should be.

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