ACE File Summary

by Craig Bruce -- for Release #16 -- February 4, 1997.

Documentation files:

user-guide.html  - ACE User's Guide
files-doc.html   - list of available files: this file
as-doc.html      - documentation for the assembler program
bcode-doc.html   - documentation for the bcode/unbcode programs
term-doc.html    - documentation for the terminal program
fx.doc-html      - documentation for the File eXchange program
prg-doc.html     - ACE Programmer's Reference Guide
tech-doc.html    - technical information about ACE
tutor-doc.html   - placeholder for a beginner's tutorial introduction to ACE

System binary files (in "aceNNL.sfx"):

ace              - the kernel bootstrapper; runnable from either 64 or 128 mode
ace128           - the kernel for the C128
ace64            - the kernel for the C64
config           - the configuration-initializer program
.acerc           - the system configuration - this is data, not an executable
config.edit      - configuration-editor program (written in BASIC)
acechr-standard  - standard ACE character set (special graphic characters)
acechr-commodore - regular Commodore character set
acechr-iso-ace   - ISO 8859-1 character set, with ACE 4-bit images
acechr-iso-nova  - ISO 8859-1 character set, with Novaterm 4-bit images
acechr-iso-wide  - ISO 8859-1 character set, with Novaterm-"Wide" 4-bit images
acechr-iso-short - ISO 8859-1 character set, with Novaterm-"Short" 4-bit images
acechr-ansi-ace  - ANSI character set, with ACE 4-bit images
acechr-ansi-nova - ANSI character set, with Novaterm 4-bit images
acechr-ansi-wide - ANSI character set, with Novaterm-"Wide" 4-bit images
acechr-ans-short - ANSI character set, with Novaterm-"Short" 4-bit images
acechr-ans-perry - ANSI character set, with "Perryfont" :-) 4-bit images
acekey-qwerty    - regular qwerty key matrix (also built in)
acekey-dvorak    - Dvorak key matrix
sh               - the command shell (really, an application prog)
.ashrc           - the ACE-command-shell auto-execution shell script

Application binary programs (in "aceNNL.sfx"):

cp          - copy files
rm          - remove files (scratch)
mv          - rename files (named for Unix "mv"=="move")
mkdir       - create a new directory (flat name)
rmdir       - remove an existing empty directory (flat name)
wc          - count words, lines, characters of files
grep        - search for a substring in files (from Unix "grep")
tr          - translate from one character set to another
sort        - sort lines of files
wrap        - wrap lines longer than 75 characters
date        - display current date and time
forty       - switch to 40-col screen, slow mode
eighty      - switch to 80-col screen, fast mode on 128, or soft-80 on 64
read        - read files (for testing)
mem         - display available dynamic and transient-program-area memory
hello       - dumb little "hello world" example program
window      - set the current window dimensions
acechr      - characterset loader
keymat      - key-matrix loader
head        - display the first N lines of a file, donated by Jake Hamby
jif         - display the current jiffy-clock time
mousetest   - mouse/graphics demo program

more        - full-screen file viewer
uuencode    - encode files into uuencoded format
uudecode    - decode files from uuencoded format
bcode       - encode files into BCODE format
unbcode     - decode files from BCODE format
crc32       - display CRC-32 values for files
kar         - KAR (Kevin's ARchiver) file archiver (all-text format)
unkar       - KAR (Kevin's ARchiver) file dearchiver
vbm         - VBM bitmap-file viewer
vbmpr       - VBM bitmap-file (v2 only) printer for Epson-compatible printers
as          - one-pass assembler
term        - simple VT-100 terminal-emulation program
fx          - custom File eXchange (upload/download) program
z           - ZED text editor

System source files (in "aceNN-syssrc.kar"):

acehead.s        - bud/ace header file for all ACE programs
kernhead.s       - bud/ace header file for the kernel and configuration programs
ace.s            - buddy main source file: low-level system stuff + includes
acecall.s        - buddy source for most of the file calls
acemem.s         - buddy source for memory and process management calls
acecon.s         - buddy source for console driver
acewin.s         - buddy source for interface to screen drivers
acevdc.s         - buddy source for C128 VDC 80-column screen driver
acevic.s         - buddy source for C128/C64 VIC 40-column screen driver
acesoft80.s      - buddy source for C64 VIC soft-80-column screen driver
acerd.s          - buddy source for RAMdisk device driver
aceswift.s       - buddy source for SwiftLink device driver
acepar.s         - buddy source for parallel-port device driver
acekey-qwerty.s  - ace-as source for the qwerty key matrix
acekey-dvorak.s  - ace-as source for the Dvorak key matrix
config.s         - buddy configuration bootstrapping program
sh.s             - buddy source for command-shell program

Application source files (in "aceNN-appsrc.kar"):

cp.s          - buddy source for "cp" (copy)
rm.s          - buddy source for "rm" (remove)
mv.s          - buddy source for "mv" (move)
mkdir.s       - buddy source for "mkdir" (make directory)
rmdir.s       - buddy source for "rmdir" (remove directory)
wc.s          - buddy source for "wc" (word count)
grep.s        - buddy source for "grep" (g??? regular expression p???)
tr.s          - buddy source for "tr" (translate)
sort.s        - buddy source for "sort"
wrap.s        - buddy source for "wrap" (wrap lines)
date.s        - buddy source for "date"
forty.s       - buddy source for "forty"
eighty.s      - buddy source for "eighty"
read.s        - buddy source for "read" (read files)
mem.s         - buddy source for "mem" (memory status)
hello.s       - buddy source for "hello" (hello world)
window.s      - buddy source for "window"
chrset.s      - buddy source for "chset" (character set)
keymat.s      - buddy source for "keymat" (key matrix)
head.s        - ace-as source for "head" (head)
jif.s         - ace-as source for "jif" (time display)
mousetest.s   - ace-as source for "mousetest"

more.s        - buddy source for "more"
uuencode.s    - buddy source for "uuencode" (unix-to-unix encode)
uudecode.s    - buddy source for "uudecode" (unix-to-unix decode)
bcode.s       - buddy source for "bcode" (bruce encode)
unbcode.s     - buddy source for "unbcode" (un bruce encode)
unbcodehelp.s - buddy source supplement to "unbcode.s"
crc32.s       - buddy source for "crc32" (cyclic redundancy check, 32-bit)
crc32a.s      - buddy source for "crc32a" (cyclic redundancy check, 32-bit, A)
kar.s         - buddy source for "kar" (Kevin's archiver)
unkar.s       - buddy source for "unkar" (un Kevin's archiver)
vbm.s         - ace-as source for "vbm" (view bitmap)
vbmpr.s       - ace-as source for "vbmpr" (view bitmap print)
as.s          - buddy source for "as" (assembler)
ashelp.s      - buddy source supplement to "as.s"
term.s        - ace-as source for "term" (terminal emulator)
fx.s          - ace-as source for "fx" (file exchange)
z.s           - ace-as source for "z" (Zen editor)

Source files for related Unix programs (in "aceNN-usrc.kar"):

bcode.doc     - documentation for the ANSI-C bcode/unbcode programs
bcode.c       - the ANSI-C bcode-encoder program
unbcode.c     - the ANSI-C bcode-decoder program
pbmtovbm.c    - the ANSI-C PBM/XBM/VBM file converter program
fx.c          - the ANSI-C File-eXchange Server program

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